The E-Block's Origins

Way before it was the name of our band, the 'E-Block' was shorthand for the Rotterdam, NY neighborhood most of us grew up in.  Back there, on the actual E-Block, we cut our teeth practicing in our garages and playing around at local bars.  In the years since, the band's grown up a bit -- we've added new players, started playing farther from home -- but the original spirit of the band stays. We call ourselves The E-Block as a nod to where this whole thing started. When we're locked in on stage, it feels just like we're back in the neighborhood.

Our band was founded by singer/multi-instrumentalist Luke Pascarella alongside drummer Dom Toma and singer/guitarist Anthony "Ace" Campoli. In 2017, the band added saxophonist James Soren after a run-in with Toma through the SUNY Albany jazz band. In this arrangement -- Pascarella and Campoli trading vocals, bass and guitar, Toma on drums, and Soren on sax -- we recorded our debut self-titled EP in 2018. 

Since then, The E-Block has continued to play and write music together throughout the Northeast, releasing singles "Do it Myself" in 2020 and "Greener" in early 2021. Campoli's knack for music production has now landed him in Boston, where he has taken on the role of lead engineer. The band plans to release new music, along with a follow-up EP, in spring of 2021.